pharmaceutical plant design innovation

Comprometidos con la sostenibilidad, integramos nuevas tecnologías en el diseño para conseguir la máxima rentabilidad.


Why our customers choose Xtrimco?

We integrate and design solutions in the pharmaceutical sector in an optimized way, to help our clients meet their business needs.

Our goal

Generate a greater impact on the profitability facilities, optimizing processes both in the design and implementation stages.

We are specialists

Thanks to business vision and knowledge we have in quality systems, we can identify the real needs and solve the problems of our customers.


Our three pillars


We design and integrate optimized solutions that generate a competitive difference based on innovation.


Committed to designs that optimise not only energy consumption but also the different resources used in the installations to be designed.

laboratorio guantes


Once the processes have been optimized, we achieve additional profitability through the technological integration tools.


Sectors in which we work

At Xtrimco we are specialized in the development of plant and facility designs,and optimized project management for the following sectors:


Associations, Media and Agreements 

We are members of the association AEPIMIFIA, Spanish Association of Professionals of the Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics and Related Industries. We have had presence in the magazine Farmespaña Industrial. In addition, we collaborate with different training centers.

What we are

Service integration company for the pharmaceutical industry. We do this by ensuring the safety of employees and customers in companies.

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