What can we do for you?

We work to provide a differential value to our clients from the design stage and we accompany them to support them throughout the life cycle of their installations.

Consultancy for the development of new facilities

We are committed to providing our customers with facilities that will be a competitive advantage for their business, by focusing on innovation, sustainability and technology.

Conceptual design

We focus the design on process optimization and innovation to seek the highest profitability during the operation phase.

Expansion plans

Keeping the business vision in mind, we define the necessary phases allowing the continuity of production during the process.

Feasibility studies

We develop the design of new plants at a technical level and analyse their economic impact on both investment and operating costs.

Strengths and weaknesses studies

We analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the current layout and production processes, with proposals to improve design and profitability.

diseño 3d

3D modeling of the facilities (BIM)

3D modelling of the facilities designed for the real visualisation of the proposed designs.

estudio ingenieria

Support in the purchase and sale of facilities

Integration of the rest of the services proposed to accompany our clients in the processes of buying and selling and to help in the decision making process.

Project management and project direction service

We provide project direction, supervision and/or management services from an innovative perspective, relying on technology to get the most out of each of the different stages of the project. We identify the main objectives of the client and focus all actions and all available resources to obtain them in the most optimized way.

Engineering service

We help our clients to ensure the continuity of their business by allowing their own resources to perform their usual functions. To this end, we provide engineering support to companies in the pharmaceutical sector that do not have their own internal service, or to companies that do have one but need extraordinary help for projects or temporary situations.

How can you improve the design and profitability of your plant?

What we are

Service integration company for the pharmaceutical industry. We do this by ensuring the safety of employees and customers in companies.

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